3rd EP

Cult Ritual- 3rd EP

released on Drugged Conscience in a pressing of 500 records; 400 on black, 100 on various tones of green

A1. Guiltless
A2. Electric Depression
B1. 8/9/69 (SONIC YOUTH)

Notes: Recorded in March 2008 at Lady Godiva's Operation, 3 weeks after the 2nd ep. Dan kept fucking the vocal track for the cover up so Dave yelled and threw a baby spoon at him.


2nd EP

Cult Ritual- 2nd EP

released August 2008 by Youth Attack in a one time pressing of 500 records

A1. Haunted Ground
A2. Hunger Pains
B1. Civilized
B2. Leather

Recorded February 2008 at Lady Godiva's Operation. We get a lot of shit for this record, but people don't realize that we can't help that we're boricua as fuck. These purportedly sold out in four days. Some had bags of hair in them (most of those sold in Boston and Syracuse) but most didn't. Gimmicks...

Tape III/ Collection

Cult Ritual- Tape III/Collection

2 pressings; first pressing of 30 done March 2008; second pressing of 26 done July 2008; the first pressing's cover has two children on a mattress, whereas the second pressing's cover has a girl in a bathtub.

A1. Civilized
A2. Leather
A3. Guiltless
A4. Electric Depression
B5. Eat the Police
B6. Inst. I
B7. Selfish Songs
B8. Modern Man (Black Flag)

Notes: The songs on side A are different mixes of songs on other records. Side B was recorded at the Crawlspace in July 2007. We gave most of these away during a Spring weekend tour with post punkers MERCHANDISE. Not a lot of people came to said shows, so a handful of tapes were thrown at oncoming cars, chucked in occupied dorm rooms at an all-girls school (don't ask), and cherry-bombed.

Demo II

Cult Ritual- Demo II
released December 2007 in a pressing of 75 for winter tour

A1. Guiltless
A2. Hunger Pains
A3. Electric Depression
A4. Haunted Ground
B1. Nausea (X)
B2. Cancer Money

1st EP

Cult Ritual- 1st EP
released August 2007 by Burrito in a one time pressing of 1000; 25-30 vinyl color variations were counted

A1. Weak Body
A2. Clean Conscience
A3. Bitter End
B4. Unhappiness
B5. Terrified
B6. Why Wait
B7. Regret

Notes: The man that recorded this record (Greg Marachek, who worked on the first KISS full length) died a couple weeks following the session.

Demo I

Cult Ritual- Demo I

released in a one time pressing of 100, December 2006

1. Weak Body
2. Unhappiness
3. The Hand That Feeds
4. Why Wait?
5. Hot Cement
6. Eat the Police
7. Regret
8. Selfish Songs

The newborn baldness of a first demo: some babies cry, some babies die, and some babies have FAS. Smell the fumes because this one reeks.