Cerebral FuZZZZ

One of the more depressing things you could do to spend a summer is to slump around Tampa...  the yearning to lay with a humid mistress named misery is strong in the sense of asking "is everything really that much better"... if your standards are low why not sink 'em lower?

This summer is looking to be a busy one, many projects are in the works/formative stages a real sense of birth and rebirth and then inevitable death

First off will be to zines that have been on the backburner for a minute now...probably be available next week:

-Creep Beat, USA v.1 "Erotic Territory" will finally greet the underground with a slimey lick

- Vhiper Redux will also be getting a short run... it is a collection of drawings from the hollowed depths of ZZ Dingdong's greasy barrel, a key ingredient to a bored afternoon

-And hopefully by the end of summer I will be releasing a collection of D. Vassalotti's short films on vhs cassette

and a bunch of other garbage has been talked about but we will see what floats and what gets flushed

Oh////// The American Snakeskin "Turquoise for Hello"ep is now available from http://theejanitorscloset.blogspot.com/2012/01/american-snakeskin-12.html


Neon Blud's "Discotheque Deathbred" http://www.vinylrites.net/ should drop any day now