Fuzz and Dust

Hey... So the Ukiah Drag just got back from recording at a giant church in Hudson, NY with our main man Ben Greenbeard... look out for that, it'll sweep the rug right out under ya....

But were taking off for tour in a couple of weeks and meeting up with our kin folk in Merchandise

6/8--  Richmond
6/9--  Athens
6/10-- Tampa
6/12-- Gainesville
6/13-- Birmingham*
6/14-- Louisville*
6/15-- Chicago*
6/16-- Detroit*
6/17-- Toronto*
6/18-- Montreal*
6/19-- North Hampton*
6/20-- Boston*
6/22-- NY*
6/23-- New Brunswick
6/25-- NY*
6/26-- Philly*
6/27-- Baltimore*
6/28-- Durham*
6/29-- Atlanta*
6/30-- Boone
7/1--   Harrisonburg

So come out say 'ssup... We'll have a bunch of merch for sale... Jazz Mama 12", the Dirt Trip 7", a couple tapes and zines ect..


We will also have these tshirts I printed... But im also selling them before hand... so if you want to grab one hit me up at cultmaternal@gmail.com I got them in sizes s-xl.. $10ppd