disposable resources, ect

These are available for purchase now.. I plan on keeping them in print for a while but check for availability as always..

Paypal randomfit1982@yahoo.com $5USA, $6 Mexi/Canadaaa, $8 INTL.. all prices are PPD


underdweller's sympathy and regret

For those who still follow this thing... sorry about the inconsistency with posts, my stay in Tampa this summer was bleak and swift and have since relocated to Boston for better or worse????

Anyways, CREEPBEAT V.1: Erotic Territory and (RIDE THE) VHIPER REDUX are being printed this weekend and will available for sale next week and you can bet the backside of a quarter on that

As for future releases.. I dont know man, there are a couple things in a very infantile stage that may grow in to fully developed forms of amusement for you freaks or just lay down in the garbage can known as life... dedicate yourself to nothing and blow a line with the reaper