taste new scum

the hungry cottager's meal of the season. the "NIGHTSHADING" cs is the latest offering from Cottaging. below is an entrance to the sticky world they dwell in, located on the b-side of the aforementioned cassette. tangible copies available soon.


the ring around your neck

Who needs friends when you got an index finger and for those paying attention to our meager offerings your patience will be rewarded only if your tastes have sharpened or your standards have lowered...

Cottaging are wrapping up post production of their latest batch of  basement secretions "Night Shading".. much like when a 4 track has a wet dream but does not cum simply due to a nocturnal discipline, Cottaging have matured since their first release and they still dont love you but will make you feel good in a way you will never admit to... A track will be posted soon... A physical cassette release will be available by the end of the year//early next year

A snake sheds its skin, its appetite doubles and anxiety blurs its senses, in a hallucinated state it will become reclusive, agitated and only think of its lost love... A new project of your cult mothers has been in the works for several months now... The Ukiah Drag pairs Thomas Conte and ZZ Ramirez for the first time since their extended adolescent repressed days in Cult Ritual with the furry muscle of the tided talent of Brian Hennessy (Diet Cokeheads/Cottaging), embracing heritage and refining talent The Drag will only appeal to a side of you that stays in doors and doesn't answer the phone.. The recording process will begin shortly for the groups first release and will be cruising to your skull early 2013

Also finalizing is a collection of short movies made by the cesspool of talent David Vassalotti. David is picking and editing during a brief down time and if everything goes smoothly this platter will be served straight to your ass early next year as well

Several other projects and ideas are being kicked a around but we'll see what floats and what gets the flUsH