Joy and the Venus Pulse

    First off heres a new video from the Ukiah Drag for the song "Drip of the Fang" from the In the Reaper's Quarters LP which was filmed/edited and collaged by ZZ Rameriez and the ever so skillful Aaron Demuth... roll a stone and drip with the drag

There is a ton going on at the Cult Maternal home base ....

The Ukiah Drag will be embarking on a lengthy North American tour spanning coast to coast and excavating every salty nook in between starting in March, when things are brushed up a little bit full itinerary will be posted

We will have a couple new releases with us including the In the Reaper's Quarters LP a cassette version of a new EP, the Cottaging EP and the debut cassette release of Tropical Skinbyrds a new melding of the minds of ZZ Ramirez, Sean Halpin (Craow/MLU) and Nina Hartmann.. Plus the regular assortment of zines, t-shirts, posters and ect...

so keep your ass in the air and your nose in the sewer home is around the bendddddddsss