Grinch Eggs

Ok The ( ) "False X-mas" cass and Neon Blud "Neon Nites" Vhs cassingle are ready
it is $4ppd for the tape and $8.50ppd for the Vhs... plaese contact randomfit1982@yahoo for payment

I am leaving for tour in a few days so some orders maybe sent out when I return at the end of November I am sorry for this inconvenience... but Neon Blud will have these with them on the road... If you have already ordered the live cass and T-Shirt that will be sent before I leave


November Drips

Time to hit the road once again... Neon Blud will be out for most of November.. Why? We dont have anything else to do... here is a tentative route.. this thing is crumbling as we speak so if you could help us out please do not hesitate..

4-Orlando @ Vinyl Richies w/Old Smoker, Cop City Chill/Pillars
5-Athens @ Little Kings
7-Charlotte at Yau house
8-Richmond at Strange Matter w/ Caves Caverns, Dry Spell and Mutwawa
9-Baltimore at Hamsterdam w/Accent Wall, Full on Void
10-Philly at the Doll Haus
11-New Brunswick at "ask a punk" w/ Pollution, Kicking Spit and Silent Way
12-New York at Death By Audio w/ The Men, Pollution and the Marsh Hens
13-New York w/ Pygmy Shrews, White Suns
14-Wesleyan w/ Pop 1280?
15-West Mass at Fly Wheel w/ Magik Markers, Gas Station
17-Montreal @ Death House
18-Toronto @ The Shops at Parts and Labor
19-Buffalo at Sugar City w/ White Whale
20-Syracuse w/Shoppers
24-Chicago w/ Bad drugs
25-St.Louis ***** need help
26-Nashville*** need help

for this tour... We should have the B-Girls 12"ep, The Merchandise "Strange songs (In the Dark)"lp.. The Speed. Madness and Flying saucers cass. The Neon Nites video cassingle ( which will be posted on here shortly).... ( ) "False X-Mas" ( a new David Vassalotti cass. On Cult Maternal)... All should be available from us when we hit your town

But before we leave .....

These tshirts will be available for order for 9ppd and these are made to order
so you must specify shirt color and size


Neon Blud "Live at Blood Fest" cass. is available for order $4ppd recorded live at Blood Fest this year by the amazin Nelson Hallonquist

for either the shirt or tape email randomfit1982@yahoo.com to check for availability

And within the next couple of weeks the Neon Nites video cassingle , Merchadise "Silk Gardens..." cass and ( ) "False X-Mas" cass should be ready and up for order