Springtime is here! The agoraphobes lay their Kubler-Ross books to rest and visit the parks for vernal exhibitionism. Let us not forget the Zodiac’s lone escapee that found herself in the perennial springtime of Hell. Ladies and gentlemen, Neon Blud...

Neon Blud "Androgynous Showers" Spring Tour 2010


12 Orlando @ Stardust w/ Slavescene and other various criminal rockers
13 Tallahassee @ The Farside w/ The Slavescene
14 Pensacola @ 309 House w/ Slavescene, Balder
15 SXSW w/ Surfer Blud
16 SXSW w/ Total Abuse
17 SXSW w/ Metallifuckingca
18 SSXSW @ Baby Blue Studio
19 SXSW @ Broken Neck
20 SXSW w/ Mika Miko
21 Big Tuna @ Bobby Peru's house w/ Bitch
22 You
23 Little Rock @ Schiller House
24 Nashville @ Green Womb w/ MLU, Female Topics
25 Columbus @ Legion of Doom w/ MLU, Vile Gash
26 Pittsburgh @ Helter Shelter w/ Free Clinic, Tinsel Teeth, Microwaves
27 Brooklyn @Market Hotel w/ Drunkdriver, Vile Gash
28 Connecticut @ Wesleyan Univ. / Drunkdriver and hopefully some hot college boys watching
29 Bard w/ Drunkdriver
30 Brooklyn @ Death By Audio w/ White Suns
31 Philadelphia @ Pi Lam w/ Leather


1 New Brunswick @ some house w/ Seasick
2 Chiren wit children
3 Baltimore @ DNA Test Fest
4 College Park Radio sluts
5 Charleston @ Outer Space w/ Useless Children, Bathhouse
6 Atlanta @ TBA w/ Useless Children, Big and Tall
7 Home