Merchandise-s/t ep

1. _____
2. I'm Still Right
3. Target
4. Kill the Light
5. Moving Out
6. It's a Man's World

Merchandise recorded this last year but it didn't get circulated as much as it should have. This is "well crafted" (whatever that means) post punk, which is a mild surprise from a place where any bands relatively close to that label are barhopping washed-up "mature" pricks. C. Cox of Lady Godiva's Operation fame is the purported band leader; DV from Cult Ritual and Pat Brady (of Publix fame) are his partners in grime.

It's kind of hard to pinpoint what this stuff sounds like, but at the same time too easy. I'll make it an egg hunt for you. My personal favorites are "Target" and "It's a Man's World." But that's one reporter's opinion.