Demo I

Cult Ritual- Demo I

released in a one time pressing of 100, December 2006

1. Weak Body
2. Unhappiness
3. The Hand That Feeds
4. Why Wait?
5. Hot Cement
6. Eat the Police
7. Regret
8. Selfish Songs

The newborn baldness of a first demo: some babies cry, some babies die, and some babies have FAS. Smell the fumes because this one reeks.


jake said...

Where can I find the lyrics for this?

Matt Plezier said...

Awesome tracks! Great records as well! Would you guys be into doing this as a one sided silkscreened 12" on my label: MonoRhetorik in a ltd pressing of max. 300?

I've also done Das Oath, The Rites, The Hold, Year Future + ... and a Dirty Sheets is in the making.