Tape III/ Collection

Cult Ritual- Tape III/Collection

2 pressings; first pressing of 30 done March 2008; second pressing of 26 done July 2008; the first pressing's cover has two children on a mattress, whereas the second pressing's cover has a girl in a bathtub.

A1. Civilized
A2. Leather
A3. Guiltless
A4. Electric Depression
B5. Eat the Police
B6. Inst. I
B7. Selfish Songs
B8. Modern Man (Black Flag)

Notes: The songs on side A are different mixes of songs on other records. Side B was recorded at the Crawlspace in July 2007. We gave most of these away during a Spring weekend tour with post punkers MERCHANDISE. Not a lot of people came to said shows, so a handful of tapes were thrown at oncoming cars, chucked in occupied dorm rooms at an all-girls school (don't ask), and cherry-bombed.

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