High Stepping Dame

  Quite a bit coming up..........

First.. The Ukiah Drag will be tagging along a leg of Destruction Unit's upcoming US/Euro              tour http://dunit.ascetism.com/

The dates we will be playing are:
9/10 Boston
9/11 NYC
9/12 Philly
9/13 NYC
9/14 DC
9/15 Baltimore
9/16 Raleigh, NC
9/17 Charlotte, NC
9/18 Athens, GA
9/19 Atlanta, GA
9/20 ???
9/21 Houston, TX
9/22 Austin, TX
9/23 Denton, TX
9/24 Little Rock
9/25-28 Memphis

Then without D-Unit:
9/29 Pittsburg
9/30 New Brunswick

I'll have specifics for these shows up soon...  We will have a limited run of "Jazz Mama is Cryin" on vinyl for this tour and a few other tour only releases

We will also have t-shirts available in a week or so to buy online

A new zine from ZZ Rameriez "Demon Wounds: A Retrospective of Purgatory" will be available shortly, by the latest it will be ready for tour

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