do you believe rock and roll???

2012... am I still doing this?... I guess?? Actually kinda stacked for this year but we'll see what actually happens... //////

American Snakeskin: new 12"ep "Turquoise for Hello" 5 tracks of the dying ghost known as rock/roll slithering between your legs and down yr throat.. recorded by P. Brady/R.C.Cox at the house of infinity ASS was accomanied Merch Tech ltd for the production of this gem.. should be out sometime this spring and followed by a tour... This will be the first release for new Nola label http://www.theejanitorscloset.blogspot.com/

D Vassalotti: Book of Ghosts out now http://www.vinylrites.net/... get it!!!! And up next// "Say hello to the Devil for me" the equivalent to doing mdma manufactured in a shitty neighborhood on the moon... synthy, trancey, flippy, flarpy http://vimeo.com/30826540...... should be out before or in time for>>>>>>>>

Merchandise (western style) http://merchandisetheband.wordpress.com/

New project Coca Leaf.. will make its debut at INC this year http://squelchers.net/inc.htm supposed to be playing friday night.... recordings will be up soon

Dads new 7" and best material to date http://www.wharfcatrecords.com/

New zines to be released 1. Ride the Viper... 20 pages of all drawings of what is to be expected http://www.econore.com/2012/01/10/new-releases-for-2012/ not sure when this piece should be out////// 2. Creepbeat,USA vol. 1 "erotic territory" this one could have been found at a mental hospital or a 3rd graders desk... will be out shortly

Also I am printing shirts again http://bludhole.blogspot.com/ planning on doing more with this thing this time around (art prints ect)...gobble globble

thats it for now.... phreek 4 shagri lalalala

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