Downer Dog

Been a lil bit... I have been in the process of moving and things are moving foward, thiugh of you I still owe stuff to, it will get there....

after a couple of line up changes Neon Blud is working on a new batch of material (please drop any expectation you will be disapointed) and plans on touring out west in Julyish??? Keep an out out for that... also**** the "Discotheque Deathbed"LP to be in released in June (hoping) on Mark Perro of the Mens new label and again expectaions=disapointment.. soWwY

( )- False X-mas has been released on vinyl via http://katorgaworks.bigcartel.com/... dance groove genius

And check out my new art blog http://brownfang.blogspot.com/

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