Summer Slumber

It has been a long sticky, sleepy summer..... a quick catch up for those interested

Slave Scene- has parted ways to pursue other endeavors but are all up for chatting catch 'em on their facebooks

Old Smokers- Added a new member Tommy C. on bass and released the "Nicotine Dreams"cass on the fabulous West Palm Beotch label (http://www.westpalmbeotch.blogspot.com/) and are doing a split cassingle with Diet Cokeheads on Tampa's Stay away from Ghost (http://www.stayawayfromghosts.blogspot.com/) and will be performing Oct. 8th at the Gemini Lounge in St. Pete with Then and Than, Neon Blud, Madame Mercury and more

Dads- Has been pretty active this summer.. just released a VHS/cassette "Live at Club Fuck" combo of a live show from March 2k10 available through http://soft-languages.blogspot.com/
and should have a new 7" out on Katorga Works soonish????

Merchandise- Have a couple of things lined up...... "Strange Songs (In the Dark)"LP which has been in the works for well over a year is almost out... a Drugged Conscience/Katorga Works release and the "Silk Gardens of our Youth"cassette to shortly follow...

Neon Blud- Pretty busy after a short post tour hibernation added 2nd guitarist David Vassalotti and have a slew of releases planned for the next couple months..... The Speed. Madness and Flying saucers cassette via www.econore.com, the "Neon Nites" video cassingle, a split 7" with Diet Cokeheads and the "B-Girls" 12" on Drug Conscience ( http://druggedconscience.com/)
and are going out on a weekend outing
Sat-Sep-11Atlanta, GADrunken Unicorn w/Fucked Up

Mon-Sep-13Talahassee, FLClub Downunder w/Fucked Up
Tue-Sep-14Miami, FLChurchill's w/Fucked UP

And will be out on tour for most of November...will post those dates shortly

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