Do people actually read this?

Tons of shit has been going down around here. CULT RITUAL has been liquidated to the size of a dog skull and thrown in the Hillsborough River. There's still talk of one last record, but I wouldn't hold my breath. No reason to trudge around like some of our exhausted contemporaries. Call it nihilistic or post-modern or what you want but there's no reason to beat the shit out of a dead horse. Right?

"Once a vehicle for outrage, now just entertainment packaged peacefully."

NEON BLUD is the cult's heaviest new shit. Sounds like all those people in Mary Ellen Mark photos got together and tried to rip off the first Saccharine Trust record and failed miserably. Their new tape, called WHIPPS, should be out any day now. You turds are in for a surprise...No doubt a big wigger's gonna hear this someday and scorch his shorts.

The motley crew of NAZI DUST and SLAVESCENE are going on tour this winter. If we don't beat the shit out of each other and/or force each other to the side of I-95, we'll see you in your well-fed, privileged coastal Northeastern town. Nazi Dust's debut record on Youth Attack will no doubt be a widowmaker--but it'll clean enough for the typical white male to back up on his favorite message board. Deranged is spitting out Slavescene's first born, which no one will like. VPS is repressing the uber-rare cassette HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS on an LP. Hopefully the philistines categorize it as "just another DRUNKDRIVER ripoff."


oliver said...

There aren't enough people who are scaring the kind of people who work at these record companies. -greg ginn

The public is usually slow to catch on to new things, and it's important that musicians stick to their guns and not look for that instant gratification. -greg ginn

One more record.

Evan Hunter McKnight said...

please one more record.
cult ritual has been a much needed breath of fresh air.

icoulddietomorrow said...

drunkdriver ripoffs

Ryan O'Vineyards said...

just more blog posts, man. maybe like a celebrity update where you get an upskirt of Zach or find out that Tommy's fallen off the straightedge wagon.

dirt headed said...

Tommy was never really on the wagon but now he's a full-fledged freaker burnout!

Matt Viel said...

is there anywhere i can order the neon blud tape online?

terminalnation said...


Anonymous said...

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