Slavescene- Heaven Only Knows

Slavescene- "Heaven Only Knows"
24 pressed for Cult Ritual/ Drunkdriver FL tour dates; another 100 coming out in january 2009

side slave
A1. Factory Heaven
A2. Designer
A3. Drug Couple
A4. Beekeeper
A5. Isolated Quarters

side scene
B1. High School Head

Notes: Recorded on November 11th, 2008 at Lady Godiva's Operation. Our singer Treasure (who was 17 at the time) got into a horrible fight with his girlfriend, drank a lot, and was inhaling smelling salts while the vocal track was recorded. Bitterness is the only reason this recording turned out half-decent. Cheese!


TeenageWhoreTapes said...

you guys have any spare copies of that body rot cassette???


BUSTED ART said...

will there be a way to grip a few copies of this for a small tape distro?


thanks! - snake

Anonymous said...

is this available?

jstnhickey said...

Any idea where I could find one of these?

Anonymous said...

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